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Carders. Who is this and what are they doing?

Every year, cases of theft of funds from bank cards are only becoming more frequent. Any owner of a plastic card should know who carders are, how they work. This information can save money in a bank account.
Carders are modern scammers who by any means try to take advantage of other people’s money in bank accounts. Most often they find out all the data about the card by buying them in the «cc shop», «cvv shop», «free cvv shop». Sometimes attackers can even get hold of information about the cardholder.
The next step is to receive funds from the victim’s bank account. Most often, for this, carders use special means to make purchases in online stores, and they take things bought for other people’s money. In order not to risk anonymity, experienced carders use other people to cash out funds, who, even if they wish, will not be able to lead the police to real carders.
Unfortunately, the abundance of «cvv store» and «carder shop», as well as many special tools allow carders from all over the world to engage in illegal activities and remain unnoticed.

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