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How banks protect us from fraudsters who steal money from cards

For several years now, there has been a war between banks and fraudsters. The first ones come up with new technologies and ways to protect their customers every year. The latter are tirelessly looking for ways to circumvent all
restrictions and adapt new ways to steal money from bank cards of ordinary people.
Carders are people who illegally use money from other people’s credit cards. Despite all the restrictions, limits, difficulties and problems, they are still actively engaged in criminal activity. Attackers find cards with great balance
on the darknet. There are even shops — cvv shop high balance, specializing in the sale of these cards of rich people.
How do modern banks try to save our funds?
SMS notifications. Any confirmation of the transaction by the cardholder complicates the work of intruders.
Lack of data. Fortunately, it is not so easy to write off money from a card, knowing only the card number or the name and telephone number of its owner. This information can be bought by carders from the «cc shop» on the dark side of the
Internet. Therefore, the attacker then tries to get the necessary numbers from the cardholder himself. Or even force him to send money directly to a pre-created account.

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