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How carders get information from us and steal money from cards

Carders are modern scammers who specialize in making payments using stolen bank card data.
The attacker simply buys all the necessary information from the cvv store, cc shop. They find the data they need in card dumps and use it for criminal purposes.
The most dangerous thing is that the user may not know that his card data got to the carders, because he himself did not leave information about the card.
Scammers often contact potential victims by phone to get a code from SMS to confirm the operation. Most people will not report anything and will suspect a catch. But professionals are good at persuasion and often get the information they
need about users.
That is why older or gullible people most often fall victim to carders. In practice, it is very difficult to return the debited money, so you need to protect your card from unwanted debits in advance.
The ideal option is to get a separate card for online purchases, on which you will put the amount required for a specific purchase. Then the attackers, in principle, will have nothing to write off.

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