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How carders get information to steal money from a card

Today there are several hundred ways in which fraudsters can steal funds from bank cards. Most often, they try to get the necessary information in a personal conversation with the cardholder. In this case, it is quite easy to distinguish
a fraudster from a bank representative, but there are also more dangerous ways.
On the Internet, you can simply buy data of bank customers. To do this, there are several cvv shops on the darknet, where attackers take data. The information received is often enough to write off money from the victim’s card. How to
protect yourself from such a situation?
It is necessary to prevent unscrupulous Internet users from getting the card number and cvv code. To do this, it is advisable not only not to disclose this data to anyone, but also try not to use the card on which you store money. For
everyday transactions and purchases on the Internet, it is better to have a separate credit card, which will not store a large amount.

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