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How scammers can write off money from a bank card

According to statistics, over the past year, fraudsters in different ways took possession of the data of 500,000 bank cards in Russia alone. To protect yourself from carders, you need to know how they work and get hold of bank card data.
There are several main ways that fraudsters use to obtain information about the card. The main one is the purchase of data stolen by hackers on the Internet. Unfortunately, such information is sold in the cvv shop and cc shop, and
cybercriminals get it in a few minutes.
Then they call the cardholders and try to find out from them the cherished numbers — the CVV code or the code from the SMS. Interestingly, sometimes fraudsters may have the data of a bank client: last name, first name, region of
residence, and so on. Name this data is very easy to introduce yourself to the bank employees and get all the necessary information.
Also, carders can create exact copies of sites with a payment form. Buyers enter data there to purchase goods or services. Scammers can only collect this data and use it for their own purposes.
That is why you should always check the authenticity of sites, do not follow dubious links and do not trust whoever is trying to get your data over the phone.

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