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Who are carders and why is it difficult to prosecute them

Every year, hundreds of thousands of residents of our country are faced with the actions of carders. This is a large group of cybercriminals who seek to steal money from bank cards of ordinary citizens. To do this, they can buy some of
the data on the Internet. There are several services, such as «bingodumps», offering their users the data of bank customers.
Many people wonder why the scammers have been working with impunity for years and not caught by the police.
It’s all about the complex structure of the attackers’ work and the special accuracy and secrecy of these people. First of all, a huge number of programs, VPNs and other means of disguising the computer of intruders are used for work.
Sometimes, with the help of virus software, carders steal funds using computers of ordinary users, gaining remote access.
Cash withdrawal occurs with the help of other people, who are called «drops». They receive a percentage of the stolen money, but they can get caught by the police. At the same time, the carders themselves will be unpunished, so it will
still not work to find them.
Perhaps, soon the system of searching for intruders will be improved and the number of crimes will begin to decrease.

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