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Will the bank return the money if it was stolen by scammers?

Today, theft of money from bank cards is a widespread crime, which can be a victim of almost everyone. Sometimes people themselves tell the details of the cards, and sometimes they do not even suspect that their personal information got
to the attackers. Carders just buy them at cc shop and try to cash out in different ways. Sometimes it works.
Is it possible to count on the help of the bank in such a situation? Will he give the money back if he can prove that the funds were stolen and not spent by the client?
According to the law, if the money was indeed stolen, then the bank is obliged to return the debited funds if it was notified to its employees in time. Security must investigate and decide if the money needs to be returned.
In practice, it is very difficult to quickly recover funds that were stolen by attackers. The bank has many legal grounds to refuse at age, which it uses successfully.
That is why it is important to protect your card details and not disclose them to third parties. Do not communicate with those who themselves call your number and introduce themselves as an employee of the bank or security service.

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